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Ship owners


  • Offers financial support for purchasing, improving, and maintainance ships.
  • Facilitates swift and hassle-free payments for vendors, contractors and other costs.
  • Allows monitoring of expenses, income, and profitability related to your vessels.
Ship owners

Ship operators


  • Get dynamic, real-time visibility into P&L.
  • Manage your cash flows to make payments on time.
  • Digitalize voyage contract process for optimized deal capture and tracking.
Ship operators

Commercial managers


  • Assists in obtaining funding for conducting business activities.
  • Helps with settling bills for suppliers and vendors.
  • Offers valuable information on business operations, earnings, and profitability.

Bunker traders


  • Facilitates the ability to make bigger fuel transactions and can assist with financing larger business deals.
  • Allows for a swift and secure payment when acquiring bunker fuel.
  • Receive multi-currency payments from your counterparties making your life easier.
Bunker trader

Invoice customers in their preferred currency

Create and send invoices in SGD or USD, with a variety of payment options that makes it convenient for your customers, and easy for you to get paid more.

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  • Get a business account to receive commissions and manage other business transactions.
  • Get realistic estimation results for voyage contracts.
  • Set up a multi-currency account to facilitate commission transactions from counterparties located around the world.
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Worldwide FX transfers and receivables
All in one place

  • Global Accounts

    Open domestic & international accounts in minutes
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    Global Accounts
  • Cards

    Instantly create multi-currency payment cards
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  • Monitor Cashflows

    Keep track of your voyage cashflows from a single dashboard
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    Monitor Cashflows
  • Transfers & FX

    Low cost and high speed international payments
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    Transfers & FX
  • Instant Loans

    Get paid in full upfront based on your credit facility
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    Instant Loans
  • Digitalize Contracts

    Get dynamic, real-time visibility into Profit & Loss
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